How to list my project on Minty?

If you'd like to list your project on Minty, please follow the guideline, fill out the related forms below, and your projects would be under review soon.

Step 1: Fill out the related forms below. Please make sure all the information is correct before submitting your form, especially the mint time must be filled in UTC time.

Step 2: DM our official Twitter account @mintyscore to notify us that you have filled out the form and wait for our official reply, we will respond to your message to let you know whether it is successfully listed. (*Filling out the form does not guarantee your project will be listed for free. We will still look to assess if your project looks legitimate and has some level of the community already built up. For those who aren't qualified, the listing fee would be 0.02 ETH.)

Step 3: Please announce the news on your project’s official account and tag us when your project is successfully listed. We will regularly tweet/retweet to announce that your project has been listed on our website.

*Noted: If there is any information that needs to be changed afterward, please contact us through our official Twitter account @mintyscore, and it will take extra working days to update. Lastly, please do not submit your project more than one time.

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